To Designers

Mel and I have discussed this in length, to mod or not to mod. As a scripter, business owner and builder he has very strong opinions about what we put into Second Life, and what each person takes from it. He holds very true to those convictions, and even though he has done work for some big businesses in Second Life, he will and has also turned down a lot of jobs because of not wanting to make things that will just add to the strain on our resources.

Read what he has to say, and maybe look at what you are doing, and ask yourself what are the reasons behind your perms choices. I have found often that perms are based solely on what others are doing, but it is a big world, and there are still many stores out there that are allowing mod on their goods, and it makes such a difference when buying.

The designers of second life have gone a long, long way down a dark path. I’m talking about permissions – specifically the near extinct permission to modify. I think there is some hope yet for this neglected little check box before it vanishes from SL entirely, but it’s going to take some self-examination from the designers of SL, and a little education if there is to be any chance of recovery.

The first cost, is of course, the issue of ownership. If you purchase something in the real world, you own it completely. You get to do whatever you want to it… squeeze it, stretch it, paint it pretty or set fire to it and toss it off a building. In SL of course your ability to do these things in the best of scenarios depends heavily on your grasp of the building tools. If you’ve got the skills, though, you can make great use of them making the things you wear truly reflect your unique persona through immaculate fitting or other sorts of customization… unless the item is not modifiable. I’m sure that you as a designer and resident of SL have run into at least one situation where “no modify” put a wrench in your works.

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