I challenge You


When you have already done half of the work, why not proceed all the way? That is my thought for this year so far, and nothing could be more obvious in this post for that exact thing. I was piecing together bits and pieces last night, and again finding so much love and attention in older items. I spent the night on my stand while Whimsy was on hers, chattering away…I love when we can do that. Mind you I then took her to see the most incredible sculptures I have ever seen in SL , and I lost her …because she went wandering off to explore with her new pc power :). I am so glad she got a new computer and now gets to enjoy even more of SL.

The first picture is not so old though, newness actually. With a little bit of older around the middle. I was swapping back and forth and trying different things, and ended up keeping on my favourite waist sash. Seeing as the skirt is so sculpted, the sash gives me that comfort zone when changing poses, to lessen the sometimes dug into the waist that can occur…this is more to do with AO’s than poses, because I avoid that.

Thinking that even the highwaisted leggings from Zaara’s would work in the same regard for a lot of things – note to self .

I am all up in that jacket, I grabbed it last night, and adore that it comes with an extension much like a tails coat. Worn on or off the jacket is a beautiful Must Have, with not a touch of fitting required…yay. I was tempted to go with shorter hair, or even an uppydo for this look, but found that I preferred the medium length style so much more, and honestly the softness of it is great.

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