Second Life for Haiti

Red Cross Ad

The people of Haiti need your help, and Second Life is the perfect opportunity to wear your heart on your sleeve. The main thing that Second Life seems to be the least known for in RL is it’s charitable works, but we don’t care, because we won’t stop giving.

When there are people as dedicated as the incredible content creators, and passionate people of the grid, there will always be as much done for those in need as possible. The devastating effects of the disaster that has befallen Haiti will take a long time to remedy, and with time there is always need for money.

A large amount of creative people have already banded together to raise money to help the Red Cross help those in need. For roughly two weeks proceeds from this event will ALL go to The Red Cross appeal for Haiti. So dig deep, because every linden will help…and unlike RL in Second Life you get to often take home a little something for your donation.

There are clothing items, decorative items, homes, Poses and as much as you can possibly walk away with. There are also Charity bins to donate straight into.

Please do what you can, and if you cannot donate money, then make sure you spread the word about this event. If you are a creator/designer and want to set up an item where money will go to this Charity, please contact OMGWTF Barbecue in world.

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3 thoughts on “Second Life for Haiti

  1. The people of Haiti do need your help, and they need it NOW!
    Instead of giving about anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars U.S., why not send that money directly to the International Red Cross, Unicef, or one of the other organizations which take donations directly, don’t take a cut (like LL and paypal or the bank check will), and it gets there NOW which is when they need the help, not in a month or two when this is cashed out. Text “Haiti” to 90999 (Red Cross) or “Unicef” to 20222 or “Yele” to 501501. These are verified, certified, and up and running organizations in the area who need help NOW. Please send money, not Linden $L.

  2. As to getting “a little something back” I was reminded by a child today that donating means that you give, not that you expect something back. Please send your funds directly to these organizations so that they can get help NOW. They will take any donation, big or small.

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