So the other day while chatting to a friend, I was discussing the old and still one of mine and many others favourite blogs. Style Disorder!. If you don’t know about this blog, it’s ok I forgive you, and blame Willow 😛 for having it on lock down.

But – tee hee’s behind my hand – I was able to find a back door…yes, Imagine my glee when I found an old post that still went to the blog, and then allowed me to get to the main. I was OMG OMG OMG’ing all up in Emma’s box, and her and I spent the next half an hour or more flicking through the archives – yes when it’s this much fun you can virtual flick.

We found a lot of old Sand Shack Surf posts, and wow it was amazing going back through it and seeing such familiar things, things I myself blogged around the same time on Appearance Mode, or ones I ran out and bought due to them being on Style Disorder. There is of course the famous MilkShake post, and so many sales I went to.

I found Old Gravy due to that blog, and I got to see a different part of the ladies that ran it, it was awesome. One really awesome thing was all the SODA skin posts, seeing as I have been blogging them all week it was definitely my bloggers fate I reckon.

Then Emma showed me an ad and we both ended up deciding we really liked the jacket, so when we did more looking were both surprised to find out that it was in fact a Jacket made by HeatherDawn the owner of Second Style Magazine. Now somehow along the way I have totally missed the fact that she designs, and doesn’t just design HAND DRAWS her items.

Emma and I were excited to find that she still in fact has a store, and we trotted right on over. I crashed, and then came back and snapped up two of the jackets as Must Haves. There is not much there to be honest, and I so wish there was, Emma even exclaimed that had she kept creating – The Jacket is from a post in 2007 and still under the New banner in the store lol – that she would be an amazing store today.

Can someone over at Second Style do their duty and PUSHHHHHHHHHHHH that woman towards her photoshop please. I also ended up spamming a group with the Style Disorder link lol, and it was so funny because the first post someone wanted that item too, and off they went shopping. So the moral to the story is DO NOT LOCK AWAY YOUR ARCHIVES . people can still find something well and truly to love, because as I alwayyyyyys say ” Everything Old is New to someone” .

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