Your Girl


Gone are the days when the “Girl Next Door” has to be mousey and non-descriptive in looks and style. Now she may, or may not still be a bit of a tomboy… but I like to think that she just marches to her own stylish drums. I was listening to some music in YouTube today, one of my favourite movies of old is The Thing Called Love…such an awesome film.

I wish I knew where the word salopette comes from, because seriously it is such a random sounding word…one which I have never even heard of before SL, but apparently it means overalls. These ones come with two bottom options for the legs, ones rolled up looking and the other is this. I really like this unusual garter type pull and tuck look.

My second look, combining parts of the first, has on the possibly shortest skirt I have ever seen – that is flexi and as detailed as this one – it is tiny tiny short, and I even dragged it a little further down my hips. The bottle cap/badges and chain detailing in the skirt is really fun, it actually reminded me of course of many other items I have that have similar embellishments, allowing me to co-ordinate even more than I did this time.

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