Can I has level 80 now ?


I love drama, I love it in my daytime soaps, I love watching it unfold as a backstory for characters in a series, even if the series is so not drama focused. I LOVE LOVE LOVE teen angst Drama, excuse me Gossipgirl you can Ex Oh Ex Oh me seven days a week – pouts because I miss my fix – and I mean OMG don’t even try and tell me you weren’t loving the whole; she slept with him… but really it was her sister pretending to be the neighbour drama.

There is no new drama really, it all seems to have come from the oldest of sources. For me I would consider the Opera to be one of those, I mean woah, that is some kind of messed up drama up there. Seriously though if you have your own passion for Drama, you should check out this link, it can get you started on writing your own Soap, what fun.

Click HERE to



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