Ta Daaaaa


Vaudeville, from 1880 until the 1930’s was north americas top form of entertainment. Now it’s reality TV, and even virtual worlds – no real statistics were used in the making of this post – which kind of makes sense really. Live entertainment is hard to edit, which allows for a higher level of shock value, the pie in the face probably being the most famous vaudeville slapstick carry on.

Designers United III is a themed event that happens every few months, where a team of designers get together under one banner, and one idea and expand upon it… I find this concept fascinating to watch, and my only displeasure is that they don’t spread it out a bit further than one location. Even going so far as to maybe even showcase an item or two of another designers in their own store. Kind of a relay of sorts, if you went to one designer participants store you would find items from the event of a different designer. So for those wanting only one designers items would actually have to go to a completely different store, which could make them a new fan…now that to me would be a way to unite.

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