Eat My Shorts


Christmas day I was watching telly with my Mum, and I got so excited, because of all things to put on TV Christmas Day here, Breakfast Club was a shock. Usually TV sucks that day, but someone was doing their job, and doing it well. What blew me away the most was, listening in awe to Judd Nelson, and remembering crushing so hard on his character back then, but totally being like WOAH Gobsmacked at the fact he was the one to coin the phrase EAT MY SHORTS!.

Seriously there it was in super sound, he straight out told that cranky Principal guy to do so. There was me all a twitter, flapping about to my Mum, and all traumatised really that I a big 80’s fan didn’t remember it was him, and NOT Bart Simpson. So that got me thinking, that maybe the people behind The Simpsons were in fact die hard fan of John Hughes, but then who wasn’t *waves to Achariya.

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