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A girl in in group chat said something along the lines of ‘ I don’t think plaid can be fashion’, I definitely disagreed and the conversation steered elsewhere for a while. Plaid and tartan consistently over my years being alive, have come and gone, when I was a toddler it was all red tartan, from skirts to peter pan collars, to the lining on trenchcoats. I am not just talking me, even though I did love my little red plaid skirt.

Mid to late 70’s again it reared up and was in more muted tones this time, plaid and tartan prints on greys and navy’s. Dress pants and mid length skirts, definitely crossing over into an older and more mature dressed look. Back and forth it goes, again rising up mid 80’s with the Punk/Rude looks with black bomber jackets , shaved heads and red plaid pants or skirts. Both the men and the women this time.

I wore blue tartan all through highschool, and in Australia where we wear uniforms, plaid and tartan is everywhere in our school system.

I had plaid/tartan stockings in the 90’s, and the burberry look came back in full swing in the end of the 90’s and begining of the naughties. Suddenly there was Burberry and Plaid, with mixes of different tartans all over the place, from luggage to purses – loves my Burberry purse – to scarfs , hats, and clothing. My purse is real, my scarfs are just regular but so adorable in baby pinks and blues.

Even this time of the year is Tartan filled, from ribbons and decorations, to traditional clothing that brings Christmas and well wishes to all, it is not just Fashion it is the return of an old friend. Whether you wear vintage or new, plaid and tartan will always be what you want it to be…a hint of it, or a full covering, it takes a definite flair to carry it off well. Don’t go overboard of course, but “Own it ” if you are going to bother.



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