Windy Days

Rainy Day
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I love those days, when you start the day off just like any normal day, but then it takes so many dips and turns and becomes a day of blessings and pure joy. I am a hair addict, I am…truly. There are days when I could just sit in a corner and cry because I don’t get a good enough fix. No matter how many hairstyles I buy, there can be times none of them quench that burning desire for ‘The One” and believe me, I am not that picky, so I have had thousands of ‘Ones” in my time in Second Life.

Hell the first time I ever went to Magika, I walked out a few hours later with 19 ‘The Ones”. Those are the fun days, the days when you can hit the motherload, and every style you put on is just scrumptious, you think you will never ever take it off, until the next ‘the one’ that is two vendors over on the right lol.

Todays though was in the form of the 50L Friday style, I have to admit that I had looked at this style in the past and it hadn’t really hit home for me, but I had never actually demo’d it, don’t know why though as I did think I had tried all of them in the store. Today though I considered my 50L purchase my demo, and WOW I couldn’t love it more, at least every 30 mins for a few hours I mentioned how much I loved it, how much I needed it in other colours, and wondered if it was just that texture combo I loved and would it carry over if I got greedy.

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