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Australians just love their sheepskin, probably not as much as the Kiwi’s do though *snickers* and then promises I am just teasing. We have always used sheepskin for clothing, it is the perfect warm in winter, cool in summer natural product. Sheepskin carseat covers are very common, and the infamous Ugg boots of course.

It is humorous that until Pamela Anderson was parading around between takes in them, they were actually a fashion DON”T for most of us down here. But most of us have them, and generally they were used as slippers in winter, I even accidently left the house in a pair once, and when I got out of the car and realised, I freaked out so badly that I flicked my foot so hard that my boot went careening across the car park.

Had that still been my reaction to sheepskin fashion, it would have definitely turned the moment I saw the Shearling Coats, these jackets are just fantastic, the style, fit and texture work is amazing… and so spot on to how this kind of coat would sit on the body.

The other really versatile item in this post are the Western boots, what is there not to love. It is not easy, well hasn’t been in the past to find really well created cowboy boots, especially girly ones that don’t lean to the too girly. Beautifully crafted with all the extras as usual, the ability to wear with or without the belt strap is just one of the features I love, because it is those little things that can really change your overall appeal to something.

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