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An interesting thought reared it’s head earlier today. The idea of culling your inventory just to make it less of a burden on the asset servers. Now Mel and I discuss this every other day, believe me that is truly how often he picks on me about mine.

Actually that’s not even accurate, it would be every day. Even Whimsy cops it from him, and hers and mine are almost the same in size. Whimsy scared the hell out of me last week, declaring that if it was causing a strain – Mel says that when I log back in after a crash the sim stalls – then eventually her and I wont be able to be on the same sim; at the same time.

Ashia is more brutal with hers, she gets all powered up and starts deleting things left, right and centre, mind you though she freaks me out by not even looking at what she is deleting. Which recently meant she had to buy something she had previously owned.

Luna mentioned in a plurk that came up about it, that she culls hers to less than 30 (I think it was) and that if she doesn’t use it in 6 months it is gone.

I am sorry but NO WAY JOSE! I cannot go that low, never ever ever. Lately I have been going back and forth in my inventory to show older and new items together… as I always say ‘Everything Old is New to Someone”. I have gotten rid of items that are of no use to me at all, I know I have to completely strip down my furniture folder and what not…I did also get rid of over 3000 wigs recently from one designer, just because of all the colour options I wouldn’t wear…but I do have them backed up in boxes ‘just in case’.

I know it is out of hand, and I know I am a horder lol. But my inventory is my timeline here just as much as my blogs are. I have items from every store I have managed – most of those are boxed unless needed – I cannot imagine not being able to reach into it and pull out an item I know would be perfect for a pic, or blog post regardless of its age.

The absolute beauty of NO TRANSFER items is the ability to unpack, wear, and delete…just make very sure you kept the box. No Transfer means COPY, which means UNLIMITED amounts of said item. Example is the gown I unpacked again today to wear, the deep red one, that I modified so you could see my shoes. I have had that archived in the red for probably a year, the black is left out. Now I will delete the folder, because I know I have it safely boxed.

There is so much of that that you can do as a consumer, and so much that can be done to ensure that is easier as a creator. You see many are against boxed items, usually because they want to see what they are getting with an item, and that is fair enough.

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