Hair thanks …

Hair has always been such an incredible industry in Second Life. From way back when there was less stores to choose from, until now, where there is a constant stream of fabulous locks to love. Hair used to be my biggest and only addiction in Second Life.

Sometimes buying up to a dozen styles in one day, and ending up walking around in the last purchase, and often never even wearing the first few until weeks afterward. I actually started as a redhead, the candie Vonta being the first style I purchased for 5L and regardless of how many other styles I bought in the weeks following, I loved it to bits, and wore the red all the time.

I thought I would never move from Strawberry red by Gurl 6, it was a to die for red, and it was close enough to the one by Panache. I actually still have Candie and Faith MidNyte still in my inventory, it is too hard to let go of them.

Then I started to find other stores, and the reds weren’t special enough for me, or as bright, or they just didn’t have the same energy to make me desire them. The hair itself did that, but the colours were so hard, and back then it was very rare to have a colour demo, and often hair had so many strips of either demo texture or colours that you were distracted.

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