Important – Permissions Bug

Important :

I have just come from an open office hour with the Lindens, the conversation of course went to the permissions bug that is causing all sorts of worry to creators, and rightly so.

The issue is with setting of perms, unfortunately due to there not being specific guidelines in place for how to set perms, many have just learned as they went along, passing on how they do it to others and so forth.

This bug is only effecting prim items/objects, and the ‘right way’ is only for prim/objects.

When setting permissions on your items for the ‘next owner” as in who you are going to be selling to, or possibly gifting to.

You must NOT do this in your inventory. Clothing, Skins, Notecards, Shapes, Eyes, Scripts, and anything that you cannot rez to the ground, can be changed in your inventory the same as usual. Apparently this was always the case, the not doing in inventory part.

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