You know I have to be honest, I didn’t know who Frank Lloyd Wright was before Second Life. It’s not that we don’t have influences of his in Australia, I mean we must. But not until Second Life did I ever really consider where those influences came from, or for that matter in how high regard a man such as he was; was held.

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Holey Moley…


Over the years there have been many reasons to visit the store, or run into the Designer and her items that I am featuring today. The first time I landed there was because of something I read, the second time was because of Pirate boots and not only did I walk out with those, but also some Yeti ones as well – goes to find them to put them on, they should keep me warm. Wooohooooo * clomps around in my fox fur yeti boots.

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Rhinestone Cowgirl


I was tempted to call this post “On a wing and a prayer” then of course I couldn’t not use the oppurtunity to be totally corny and call it RhineStone Cowgirl. Prety much when and “IF” Stormtroopers go to Heaven the first picture is what they would end up looking like.

I was wearing that outfit earlier, when a conference IM shot forth from Cajsa Lilliehook of It’s Only Fashion, that it was her Second Rezday….Happy Rezday Cajsa ♥. “Come as you are” was the IM, that so didn’t happen lol. I was actually skipping around in the prim parts of that outfit all day, but the latex was added for the post, mind you I do run around like that too sometimes.

I had actually wanted to show the latex for some while, and the combo struck me as a bonus, as the white latex I had wasn’t really white enough, so didn’t work. Im not really sure if the Tech wings and boots actually rate as cell shaded, because I am not sure how that all really works, but it is close enough for me, and I had always wanted something cell shaded that wasn’t a cartoon. I have to admit too , that the boots kind of reminded me of Marvin the Paranoid Android from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, the 2005 movie one not the original.

The latex is part of a set, that you can actually buy a starters pack, and then add all the necessary components you may or may not need. The latex is marvelously structured, and I really really really want the person that made it to make more, they only have a small amount, and they really really really need to make more, the red is also HOT HOT HOT.

The Wing part was obviously the first pic, the Prayer part the second, seriously I have sore butt cheeks from clenching to keep these pants up. Nah just kidding, but seriously if I could make clothes, the first thing I would have done as soon as I saw these insanely low rider jeans, would be to make a garter belt with straps that clip at the waist band lol, plus I think not only would it be fun , but totally wicked. Or maybe even suspender extenders , lol say that three times fast.

Fact of the matter is, that it is dependent on your shape as to how low they look, my hip length is 50 I never change my shape for blogging, so if you have shorter hips they wont look as low at the back lol.

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