Australian’s in Second Life

Right now there is much talk about Australians like myself, being banned from Second Life, not only Second Life but many other online worlds and games, yes they are clumping us together as one.

At the moment there are no really ‘Official” statements to this effect, but a lot of posts, forum chatter, and news articles in world and out of world on this matter. I have been getting IM’s all week from friends asking if it is true and will I have to leave if it is etc.

At this stage we do not know, all we do know is that if this does pass, that many lives in and out of Second Life will be effected. If you care about this issue, and believe me you should, because it is the kind of thing that if it works in one country others will try it too…then please go and sign this petition and do as much as you can to help.

You do not have to be an Australian to care about the outcome of this, you just have to care.

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Sasy Scarborough



8 thoughts on “Australian’s in Second Life

  1. Yes, what is going on? I hear all sorts of stuff and I hope we aren’t all banned. Do you know any more? Please post as soon as you do ..

  2. I think it is absolutely ridiculous banning Aussies from SL. Surely we have rights…. Maybe a tougher form of age ID could be instilled, but other than that, I know as an adult I have the right to do & see what I choose to & nobody has that right to take that from me. I have made many many friends in SL & work there as well. I have invested a lot of time & money into this & now someone is trying to take that from me??? Not without a fight they wont.

    I wonder if these guys realise how much GOOD is done in there…Like helping the Aussie victims of the floods & fire……..Relay for Life fundraising… and many more.

    I just can’t believe the govt can do such a thing..we are supposed to be living in a free land?? the lucky country??? SL means a lot to me & I shake my head in disbelief at what is being proposed….

  3. I agree, I too work and spend the majority of my waking hours in world, three years of friends I consider family and more could be gone because of someone not knowing what SL really is. I hope they do some real checking.

  4. SL doesnt want to ban us, Australia wants to ban us from online worlds such as second life, sorry if I didnt make that clear enough I was really upset when I posted this.

  5. The idea is for a nationwide network filtering system to prevent access to sites and services that provide or contain (in whole or in part) content that is not suitable for a 15 year old audience. The focus is on websites, and games (by which we infer games, and things that superficially resemble games if you stand far enough away).

    As yet, there’s been no specific mention of Second Life by the people and bodies involved, but given the above does anyone really think that SL would be exempt if it went ahead on that basis?

  6. Done Sasy. I am an expat Australian, living in Canada for many years. Sometimes I am amazed at restrictions Australians are able to get away with whereas other countries would never countenance them. SL is restricted to 18 year olds anyway, except for the Teen Grid.
    I hope they don’t get away with this and I have every faith that Conroy will be forced to back down.

    An Australian blogger friend told me that $10,000 dollars was raised in SL for his Autism association which amazed him.

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