Oh Hai

oh Hai
oh Hai2
oh Hai3

You know it’s not just men that laugh stupidly at so obviously naughty words.Ok maybe we don’t laugh the same as boys do, but we do notice when something is named something that is a bit tongue in cheek so to speak, or maybe it isn’t at all, and some just have dirtier minds than others – and by some I mean me.

So when Newdolly tpd me to the location of the first dress, yeah I wen’t “oh my” and then had a giggle, and it still makes me laugh just thinking about it.The dress is adorably cute, and the store was actually next door to where Newdoll was showing me in the first place.

Stardust Flapper was a perfect dress for the Pixie Hairstyle I’m wearing, tight and curled in just the right places, it has that look of the 20’s, with modern styling products.

We all know I have my purple condition, and I still stand by my round about notion that I don’t hate it exactly, it’s just one shade I cannot handle, and if there are other colours to be had , purple tones would rarely be a choice over others. But I have to say I am so for loving these Grape pants. They also have a long version, and they did have cuffs, but with the capri length , the way cool piping in white, it was too hard not to combine them with the latest Cross Laced Up Heels.

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