Girls on Film a Combination

Girls on Film 2
Girls on Film 1
Girls on Film 3

The other day I was chatting with Arabella Steadham of Arabella’s Ramblings, and was unable to draw my attention from her feet.The boots that she was wearing were just divine, and even more so once I found out that they had texture change options up to 6 different ones. Not only are they change, but it does it in individual parts, so that you are able to take it even further than the six and mix it up a little.

She has been wearing them on and off all week, so finally today I declared she had to take Whimsy Winx of Virtually Dressed and I to get some, and my usual awful pushy nature forced Whimsy to go against her pointed toes only rule, and get some too.

So then with us all in need of getting some blog posting done, and the fact that we have a mutual love for many similar things, we decided to all jump up on our VR Professional Posestands and have a great old time.

Now as this is a combined post, you will need to visit both girls blogs to find out the details of their outfits and bodyparts, and it is well worth the jumping about. It has been a hectic couple of months and now with Hair Fair in full swing, I hopefully will have time to share my purchases and incredible items at this years Hair Fair…but even if I do not get them all done before the end, at least you can always get them at their mains.

A few weeks back also I was all up into belts, I found some wonderful ones in my travels and this is just one of them. I love the cyberpunky look of it, and was so ecited to find that on click I could change the colour of the glowing liquid in the sides and the swirling parts at the front, making it a colour co-ordinating marvel. It has many incredible details to it, and Mel is very cautious of the spike attached to the back.

The clothing I am wearing is a combination of new and older releases from Miel, I already have shown the shorts in other colours in the past, and added the newer undertanks, as the girls were rocking out the others…but I do plan on showing those too in the future as I have been wearing them all over the place lately.

How much love I have for the stockings I am wearing, it was part of an outfit that is way hot, and I will show that in the future also, but for now you just get to see the delish large netted stockings, I am all about net stockings, and these ones are superb. I would really love this creator to do more of this style and sell them seperately as the seams are wonderful.

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