A Reminder

Bandana Day notice

A Reminder to all:

Every year Hair Fair hosts Bandana Day, selling stylish bandanas to raise money for the charity, Locks of Love. On Bandana Day, 100% of bandana sales are donated to this charity, and Bandana Day is fast approaching!

How you can help ?

Contact Sasy Scarborough in world and request a Bandana Making Kit. This kit has all the necessary items you need for a male or female bandana. You can then pass your design to CharitySasy String with full perms, who is the working account of Sasy Scarborough during Hair Fair.

The kit contains male and female sculpted bandanas, a template for your poster, and information on the use of these items. Only one bandana per vendor will be set out, so please make sure you make a separate ad for each bandana you design. Please do not contribute more than 6 bandana designs. Enthusiasm is appreciated, but if you do more than 6 just send us your 6 favorite styles ;).

These items are only to be sold by CharitySasy String to raise money for Locks of Love and will not be used in any other way.

For the past two years Bandana Day has made a huge impact on the fundraising for Locks of Love, so if you cannot help by making and donating a bandana then please make sure you purchase one or more before July 3rd when we “Replace our hair to show we care”.

Sasy Scarborough

Hair Fair Charity Liason


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