Fashionable Relay Challenge the Posting Order

Fashionable Relay Challenge starts

So it is finally time to produce the list, YAY such an incredible amount of people wanting to participate.

Rules for the challenge can be found HERE, if you are unsure you can IM me in world.

Because of the lateness in the week, and with so many events this weekend due to Valentines day, I think that we should officially start Monday 16th February, that also gives people time to run around and find all those seperates and have an idea roughly on what they want to wear for their post, as it is only ONE item you have to relay from the person before you.

This will also give people a chance to see where they are on the list etc. How to do that was stressing me out lol, so I decided the easiest way to do it was in the order people signed up.

Ok so on to the order of the relay.

1. Sasy Scarborough Scarborough Flair

2. Ryker Beck Rykerized

3.  Samara Barzane The 3 Fashionteers

4.  Adaire DeCuir Free*Style

5. Sofia Gray Chignon

6. Tesa Jewell  Shapes by Kira

7.  Gidge Uriza   It’s Only Fashion

8. Alicia Mureaux   Alicia Mureaux’s Second Life Blog

9. Achariya Maktoum  Achariya.Net

10. Kallisti Burns The Diary of a Discordant Designer

11.  SarahTheRed Aurbierre What?Another Fashion Blog

12. Arcadia Nightfire   Fashion 360°

13. Whimsy Winx   Virtually Dressed

14. Rosie Shark Rosie Colored Glasses

15. Lavea Alter   A-Bomb

16. Brandy Rasmuson  Exile Gear

17. Dove Swanson   Dove Love ❤

18. Monicuzza Babenco  Feel Beautiful

19. Teagan Blackthorne  SL Fashion Avengers

20. Newdoll Nikolaidis  Just a Girl’s Blog

21. Chance Greatrex Dare Haute Couture

22. Lucy Kenin   Lucy Kenin

23. Stacie Pryor Fashion Ascension

24. Meara Deschanel   One Girl Two Worlds

25. Guenevere DeCuir  Crimson Flow

26. Chi Junot Toes, Tresses and Threads

27. Terry Toland  Lifestyles of the Broke and Notorious

28. Nissa Nightfire  Magpie Metaverse

29. Elisabeth Villiers   Ou La La Mode

30. Callie Cline   Callie Cline

31. Cajsa Lilliehook  It’s Only Fashion

32. Zoe Demar  Z Complete

33. Nieve Thor  Journey to be SL Model

34. Nina Revnik   Second Life according to Nina

35. Kira Paderborn  Shapes by Kira

36. Sasy Scarborough will step in here 

37. Shelly Toonie   Moonshine

38. Ashleigh Dickins Rez and Tell

39. Stacia Villota  Unable to participate due to RL

40. Dahlindah Destiny Free Style

41. Anya Ohmai OhmyOhmai

42. Tomoyo Breitman Frenzy Shoppers

That is one awesome list, if anyone has any questions IM me in world or send me a notecard. I cannot wait to begin 🙂

xox Sasy xox


21 thoughts on “Fashionable Relay Challenge the Posting Order

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